VW Karmann Ghia “Phaeton”

VW Karmann Ghia “Phaeton” [aka “The Ghia Limo”]

Another of the numerous early concepts that was envisioned. This would have retained a VW driveline per original. Why it didn’t happen was due to the complexity in creating the 4-door setup, hinge / door jambs / centerpost and reinforcing the chassis to make it rigid enough using a standard floor pan with such a long open cockpit and making the long extended folding roof actually work. And given three sets of donor bodywork with almost no internal structure left that would have had to been restored to factory — thus why the tubular chassis with front engine configuration was selected.

This is one that I’d like to see built though. Imagine the top folded down on a sunny day cruising down PCH1 or on the waterfront somewhere and enjoying the breeze. Even 4-door Phaeton’s can be cool…