John Lamm

John Lamm — RIP

Another one of the good ones is gone. I knew John from various photoshoots over the years I was involved with. (along with Phil Hill who was always within our paddock for decades)

This was from Vantage, Washington in Spring 1996. John and Phil had flown up to do a photoshoot of the 340/375MM Ferrari we restored as they wanted it in the magazine at the time of the Monterey race event. Thus we had to bust our b*lls to get it done for the photoshoot months before we had planned in vintage racing at Monterey and then showing at Pebble Beach on Sunday.

This is John and myself at the last twinkle of sunlight in a gravel pit of all places. (he wanted a neutral background after the driving sequences we had done earlier) The picture he took was of the dashboard / cockpit with Richie Ginther’s name in the exposure. The shot he took was used in the Road&Track magazine feature. Phil was adamant that Richie’s name appeared.