Glenn “Freud” Freudenberger

RIP my friend!

Sad news. One of the most colorful guys I knew was Freud. He had one of the most horrible cases of “salt fever” ever and had been to Bonneville for probably @131 trips to be part of it all. Dedication. It was in his blood. Interesting how many of his friends from his past were the same as mine. Loved his old stories of the characters, driving bus, the magazine folks and people in the automobile and motorcycle world. Have some great photos, mementos and more from Glenn adorning the walls of my office. Glad to always see him on the salt, with Target550 and I appreciate him flying in a day early to visit myself in Pomona at the GNRS when it was never on his agenda. Good friend and he will definitely be missed but he never will be forgotten. Amen.