Ferrari 335S (0700)

[Flashback History]

From about 1991. Seattle enthusiast sold his Ferrari 335S (sn0700) to a Stamford, CT enthusiast. Last minute call and ended up having to borrow a friends dad’s pickup and a bulldozer trailer to get the Ferrari (and give the owner the payment) and to hold it until a national transport company could move it cross country to the new owner. I didn’t take pictures of it — but coming back through Seattle rush hour traffic it literally poured with this incredible Ferrari strapped to the trailer in the open and it got drenched Probably cleaned years of dirt out of it! Got it back to the shop and dried it out and snapped some pictures before calling it a day. Pretty original car. Later it was fully restored and they put the original style nose back on it in lieu of the TR-style one installed.

For people who know a bit about history, that 4-spoke steering wheel says a lot. Favored by Peter Collins for his 1957 Mille Miglia and other drives he did with it that Summer. Later it came to the USA and was campaigned by Phil Hill for George Tilp (via Luigi Chinetti). Hollywood dealer John von Neumann kept it in his stable and raced it himself along with Richie Ginter (when von Neumann’s ex-wife got it in the divorce settlement) before it was sold to Ed Purvis in Seattle. Ed raced it before trying to do a big block Ford swap into it — and at that point it went in 1967 to the second owner in Seattle.

Always loved these big Lampredi engine Ferrari’s. Fortunately had the experience of restoring and being involved with others of them subsequent. But that is a story for another time.