Ferrari 250LM

More Ferrari 250LM restorations details from 10+ years ago.


– Much of the original aluminum coachwork remained but a lot of new panels were cut in to repair crash damage and also aluminum/steel oxidation problems after 45+ years.

– The steel mesh is for air intakes into the drivers compartment. They will have a plexiglass scoop added during final assembly. These ones are riveted in per original and painted. Some also were chromed and attached via screw fasteners.

– The inner steel hood structure is just that simple. Two hinges at the lower forward. Perimeter tube with a flange welded to it. Hood support rod and locator. Latch mechanism itself. The aluminum low crown hood panel just crimps over the edges to secure it. Very traditional method of doing this type of work and it lasts forever. Yes — it really is that simple.