1969 Chevrolet Yunick Chevelle SS396

1969 Chevrolet “Smokey Yunick” Chevelle SS396

For those who are fans of SCCA Trans Am racing lore, they know that Smokey Yunick out of Daytona Beach, Florida was legendary in pushing for an advantage to win races. Thus this isn’t your standard 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle with a 116-inch wheelbase but a Camaro-sized version of 108-inches and lots of re-imagineering applied to make it happen. Wheels, tires, trim, bumpers and difficult parts to make are OEM. Vertical height is factory from the beltline down.

Why? If one parked a “production looking” vehicle next to their 93% scale length racecar — who would complain about anyone “cheating”? (Remember the NASCAR body templates even used today were a direct result of Smokey Yunick seeking a competitive advantage long ago.).