1959 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 0768TR

Flashback Friday — August 17th, 1991

From 30 years ago. 1959 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa [chassis 0768TR] the day before debut at Pebble Beach. White number roundels and #’s added a few weeks later when back at the shop. A headlight cover the day before it went on the trailer to PB and had to make a new one in a few hours — thus the tape over the screws as no desire to crank them down too hard and break another lens. (tape removed before it showed)

The TR is at a friends house in Carmel to avoid the dusty Polo Fields and inevitable pre-judging the car that happens. Loaded it into the small trailer and over to the Polo Fields Saturday night. Car is ready for presentation on Sunday aside from getting onto the lawn itself and one final wipe to remove morning dew that inevitably settles on everything (along with grass cuttings on the tires).