Target 550

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from the Target550 crew (as well as from friends at Ferguson Racing) in regard to streamliners and what it takes to make them competitive on the salt flats. More on this in the future but there is a streamliner on the design board (CAD actually) that will be truly memorable and on the salt one day for myself, friends and crew to run. I have one of the best aerodynamicists helping me along the way and reviewing all the CFD, laminar airflow and 1/6th scale model wind tunnel analysis as it has happened. The learning curve has been steep but well worth the education earned along the way.

Oh yeah — what is Target550? (here area a few of the specs for those of you to think about)

Length – 43 feet

Width – 36 inches

Height – 42 3/8 inches

Frontal Area – 8.61 sq ft

Chassis – 2 inch 4130 tubing with 1/8 inch wall thickness

Engines – Two Dodge V8 Hemi motors Superchargers – Superchargers by Whipple

Fuel – Alcohol

Horsepower – 2500 each @ 7200 rpm

Front and Rear Ends – Halibrand housings

Gearing Ratios – 1.45 / 1.30 / 1.25 / 1.0

Front and Rear Tires – 30 inch

Wheels – 18 inch

[fotos: mine along with Freud who is a great friend]