Doc Glenn “Freud” Freudenberger 

For those who have been going to the Bonneville Salt Flats — inevitably you know of a guy named “Freud” who attended for the past 55+ years as well as chased some motorcycle records long ago as making use of his camera for Cycle magazine. I have several memorable original pictures in my office of his work that graced that magazine from long ago. The past decade plus he has been involved with the Target550 streamliner that was in the Northwest USA. Just over a year ago while doing physical therapy to get his strength up to go to Australia for the salt racing there — he had some health issues. Not moving that fast today unfortunately. Age isn’t always our friend.

He always wanted a necklace inspired by the Ford logo but with “FREUD” instead. He no longer wears all the jewelry… so made it into a night light for where he is at today with 24-hour assistance.

It is the old guys that created the path for many of us today and hopefully for others in the future. Remember to pay due to them when they can still appreciate it.

And here is one story from Glenn that I always thought was cool. (he knew everyone and we had a lot of mutual friends):

My sign on name is FREUD. I use that because Ed Roth assigned my nick name (Doc Freud) in 1968. With a last name of Freudenberger and a degree in Optometry, it covered all the bases. I live in Everett, WA. My first trip to B’ville was 3 months after I graduated from college in 1963. (‘lotta good guys had ’63 as their first trip)

2008 will include my 118th trip to the salt. Private time, WOS, World Finals  and Speed Week have had years with 5-6 trips.

Then in the 80’s I went nuts and rode a TZ 750 to capture the spirit of the racer. My tough teacher was Don Vesco and I treasure the time we had together.

When I add a slight bit to my learning curve, I will post the building diary on Marlo Treit’s website ( and keep everyone up to date on his streamliner build.

For the past 8 years I have done the foto diary of the Gas Up event for the Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club. That has given me the opportunity to be in a “one on one” situation with the heroes of LSR.  So I have enjoyed a closeness with a marvelous group of talented people. For that I am most grateful.

With the help of a few dear friends, I put on the B’ville NW Reunion each year. This site is my closest link to the racers and so it is with great dedication  that I will do all possible to help Jon and Keilani keep it afloat.

Aging ugly,