Another good one gone…

Another good one gone…

Hey Rachel!

Wherever you may be now, hopefully you will find a motorcycle to ride non-stop that needs no gasoline stops, has tires and chains/sprockets that last forever — nor requires valve adjustment service. That is when you were always at your happiest in life — when you were zooming down that highway on your Ducati Monster and the miles passing beneath your wheels kissing all 48 states in one non-stop ride or whatever crazy long distance ride was next on your agenda in life to make happen. You proved that one little tiger can sure kick a lot of butts of many men on bigger motorcycles with unlimited budgets.

RIP my friend!


(note: The “big C” doesn’t discriminate in whom it attacks and devours. Fortunately Rachel didn’t have to battle long against cancer. It gets the best of many of us unfortunately. Hopefully one day a cure is found to eliminate it from taking others.)