Alfa Romeo TZ1 Evolution (ver 2)

Once the customer saw the Alfa 1900 artwork with the GTV wheels this morning — he said mockup the artwork upon his Alfa Romeo TZ1 renderings. He called a short while later and said “move forward” with the concept and find a mid-80s era Alfa GTV wheel and CMM probe / scan it into CAD. Convert the 15in diameter design to a 17in diameter. Then CNC a wooden master (oversized for aluminum casting shrinkage rates) and get some cast and heat treated and lips machined. Ten units total. Two sets w/spare for a track / racing compound tire and a street compound tire for Colorado, Utah and Arizona weather.

Concept wheels prior were to be a narrowed / welded set of modern Alfa Romeo 4C from the small mid-engine car. They were just too “new” looking and visually distracted from the overall look of the project.