Alfa Romeo 8C2900B 412035

Alfa Romeo 8C2900B coupe [chassis 412035] from late November 2007

Touring of Milan did the coachwork and this is part of the Superleggera process of a tubing structure with a lightweight aluminum skin. What you are looking at is two inner brackets to support the large front fender and a third for routing of wires to the headlight plus to support the headlight itself (given its weight). A fourth tube runs across the nose (near the headlight one) to the outer lower corner as well. Note the brackets on the frame.

I see people today building aluminum fenders with no support structure within and I know what will happen within a few years of it being driven on the road. This is how they did it 72 years ago and how many miles upon this 8C over its lifetime via Europe, USA (racing and driving), South Africa, Canada and then the USA before the restoration. They designed it right the first time…