1975 Chevrolet C10

[TOP] 1975 Chevrolet C10

A shop truck idea that I was contemplating but a friend is building for himself now. Chassis will be a new aftermarket replacement with modern suspension and driveline. (and on airbags) Wheels are 2020 Corvette. Also your eyes aren’t playing visual games on you as that wheelbase has been altered. The wheel wells and their location definitely are not as they came from Chevrolet. The roof has a mild chop and instead of stretching the roof with an insert panel or leaning the front posts back — I leaned the rear post/pillar and cab glass forward. Not shown are the revised front grille and tailgate but modifications are being made to those as well.

[BOTTOM] 1975 Chevrolet C10 (revision)

Friend last week came across a long retired GM Parts guy who had all the Chevrolet OEM manufactured parts (brand new) for the lower body and rear sheet metal for a Blazer out of a defunct dealership and have been stored for 42+ years. Thus a slight change to the build and the aftermarket chassis order with modern suspension (and IRS rear) being built was revised for the altered wheelbase. The front wheel wells were moved forward in the 1st iteration. With the Blazer infusion the rear wheel wells are being moved backward (relative to stock Blazer) and are still raised per the earlier C10 design. Inner bed will be clad with new sheet metal and the bed floor will be stained teak wood with nickel plated accents between.

Also 1-piece side windows are part of the game plan.

The aftermarket chassis is getting built next week and there will be no more wheelbase alteration or major changes further!