1957 Corvette SS “Black Fog”

1957 Corvette SS “Black Fog”

[note: this is a never finished rough concept but I’m posting as it might inspire someone]

Not all Corvette’s have bodywork made in fiberglass! Bill Mitchell’s evocative Stingray was clothed in aluminum and the inspiration for the immortal 1963 C2 series. In 1957, Zora Arkus-Duntov had constructed a custom tubular space frame chassis with magnesium bodywork that after race duty became a concept car.

This concept is just a derivation of Zora’s Corvette SS project but with a normal windshield, aerodynamic roof and a few other items to make it more civilized. There are numerous quality aftermarket Corvette chassis available for purchase — and there are numerous real C2 (or C3) Corvette chassis available given the restomod guys putting new aftermarket chassis beneath old cars today. And instead of building the bodywork in fiberglass or magnesium — how about aluminum using time honored metal shaping skills?

If I built this (which I will never have time to do), I’d do it with a later original titled C3 Corvette chassis. Why? They are cheaper! And also because one could roll it into any Corvette event in the country and they’d have to let it in… and it would create a lot of attention and conversation.

The “Black Fog” moniker? It is the alternate evil evolution of what the Corvette actually became.