1953 Carrera Panamericana

[some of you will appreciate this old picture]

From November 1953 during the Carrera Panamericana event in Mexico. Allen Guiberson (gray shirt) was the owner of the Ferrari 340 Mexico and Phil Hill (festive colors) and Richie Ginther (plaid) were the drivers. This is them after the accident when their Ferrari went careening into the canyon courtesy of locals removing the warning signs of a “slow turn” ahead. Looks like they have some success at least fishing.

For the 1953 and 1954 editions of the Carrera, Phil was given each year two rolls of color slide film from John Bond of R&T magazine to document the event. Phil was always careful to make sure that “good pictures” were taken with the color and not the B&W film he normally could afford himself. He laughed about how this one picture “accidently” appeared on a color roll of film by mistake…

[foto: Phil Hill collection from long ago]